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Uploaded by Toma on 2008-11-25 20:32:34

Downloads: 32450
An artistic theme full of splats, animation and grunge styling. It features 2 alternate border styles and 2 alternate shelves. Grunge was made to show how drastically different Edje is to other canvases and how different E17 is.

Features: Coloured Buttons

Update: Now has a toolbar theme. Fixed the scrollframe for desktop that made the desktop all screwed up. Has some serious issues with edje aliases. Bug report will follow.


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Wooot, such a nice theme! I love it!
By Toutoug on 2008-09-09 05:49:18 for Grunge
I really like this theme, it takes a rather different approach, Don't see many themes like this. I use this primarly as my darker theme. Also when I use this on my laptop at schools I get many comments how I got my pc to look like that. So thanks :). My only recomendation is the Three buttons upper right corner (min, max, close) It may be just im color blind but i have a rather hard time distinguishing them. To me that is the biggest issue, but i usually close windows with key commands anyway so its a null issue.
By raz0rskyl1n3 on 2008-09-28 20:57:21 for Grunge
Thanks for the comment raz0rskyl1n3. :) Glad to hear Grunge is getting out and about on laptops. I see what you mean with the colour blindness. If you drop me an email outlining what kind of colourblindness you have, Ill happily make a few adjustments to it and make a re-release so you can tweak it to your liking.
By Toma on 2008-09-30 05:25:33 for Grunge
Toma i didnt see your email so i will leave it here
I just noticed something. The icons animate with there corresponding action. Not sure how i missed that. I can use it well enought as is.
Mainly because it sticks to the conventional order of min>max>close.
However if you want to make it more color friendly :). To give you an idead im about 80% color blind bout the only colors i can distinguish are the ones i think you are using in this theme red, black and white. So im not sure why i have such a hard time with this theme. I would say a compromise is making a sub theme, Some people may like it as is. And add an overlay of what the icon does only on hover over. I.E. Min has the -, Max has +, close has X. This would only be on hover over to not conflict with theme. And it would have to be done, in a contrasting color. Im not sure the color you would use. Not going to make recommendatinos.
By raz0rskyl1n3 on 2008-10-01 07:01:32 for Grunge
Im a little busy today, but check back n a couple days and Ill have a new version that you can edit with 1 command in the terminal. ;) There will be no compromising either. I dont want to change the style of Grunge, but I will make it really easy for you to use, no matter what colours you can and cant see.
By Toma on 2008-10-01 18:31:54 for Grunge
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