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Themes - Showcase

Smoke Thumbnail Smoke
Fix for 24-hour clock
Cerium Thumbnail Cerium
A sleek, silver dynamically coloured theme.
This theme can be controlled by the command-line via enlightenment_remote. For more details on that, see the themes About page.
It is recommended to use ...
Edjy Thumbnail Edjy
Edjy! Edjy is a predominantly imageless theme. If any parts are missing, it retrieves the theme from the default theme, including icons. Edjy is an interesting theme, in that it is all controlled via ...
Milky's Thumbnail Milky's
Milky's theme is inspired by the work of Max Rudberg. It's an adaptation of his theme Milk for Mac OSX. A huge thanks for his agreement.
Cthulhain Thumbnail Cthulhain
This theme is based on the fluxbox theme of the same name.

12/25/08 - Updated to work with new itask-ng code.
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Applications - Showcase

Shellementary Thumbnail Shellementary
Zenity replacement written in elementary and C.

It allows you to give your shell scripts a GUI - you can show several predefined dialogs from command line, change their parameters and receive value...
Enna Thumbnail Enna
Enna is a Media Center application. Featuring a simple user interface, Enna is based on the powerful Enlightenment Foundations Libraries (EFL) as for its graphical user interface and GeeXboX libraries...
Elitaire Thumbnail Elitaire
elitaire is an efl-based solitaire card game. There are various variants like freecell, thougthful klondike, vegas, spider, golf, Baker's Dozen and of course klondike. It is fully themable. Thumbnail
Download and install e17 with all it components from svn. The scripts runs on mostly all Linux distributions and also supports FreeBSD, Solaris and Mac OS X. Everything is installed into /opt/e17 to l...
Emphasis Thumbnail Emphasis
A fully featured frontend for the well-known MPD.
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E Modules - Showcase

iTask-NG Thumbnail iTask-NG
A more advanced taskbar and app launcher, with zoom effect.
Places Thumbnail Places
A module to mount/umount/open/ volumes managed by hal. The module provide a gadget for the desktop and a main menu augmentation.
You can find more info at
Penguins Thumbnail Penguins
Penguins is a module that brings life on your desktop, populating it with fancy penguins.
You can choose the number and the size of the penguins, and also change the population type. They walk over y...
Trash Thumbnail Trash
A full compliant trash implementation for the enlightenment desktop.
MPDule Thumbnail MPDule
A module to view what's playing and control MPD
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